Textile Development



Studying materials, weave structures, and manufacturing processes helped to understand how to effectively prototype, test, and project the final production methods for the goggle strap.


Fiber Studies

The first step was to understand the construction and make up of existing goggle straps. After separating the fibers and using the traditional burn test method for testing textiles, we observed the reaction of the fibers to a 20% hydrochloric acid solution under a microscope. These tests showed the existing strap consisted of three fiber types: textured polyester, nylon, and an unsupported spandex.


The First weave

Weave tests were performed on a jacquard loom to determine the type of weave needed to create the stretch necessary for the strap. Various fibers such as Fox Fibre cotton, recycled polyester, and supported elastic were used to create the textiles. 


Inspiration and prototyping

The graphic and color scheme was inspired by the many environments where US motocross has found its home. The final straps were sublimation printed on woven elastic bands that more accurately matched the elasticity of a production model.